The Rest is History

History is a story with the most interesting characters and plotlines ever brought to mind.

History satisfies that desire to ‘know’. History is neat, packaged and explained. People like that.

History delivers insights and thrills in a narrative with ten twenty thirty forty a hundred times the sting of mere fiction because you know it actually happened. Most of it anyway.

While looking back with hindsight and making sense of things from afar, history is a chance for the average mortal to gain the wisdom of a god.

Current events are super interesting as well, I’ll grant you that. But history is like the prequels – that in a number of ways, are actually better than the original.

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So – ready to travel back in time? There won’t be any swirling lights or tunnels. No Tardis’s or DeLoreans. What there will be is photos. Really, really interesting photos. Come see…

A five year old Peruvian girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a 6 pound (2.7kg) baby boy she named Gerado (after the doctor who delivered him) becoming the youngest mother in the world.

The identity of the father was never revealed, though her own father was taken into custody on suspicions he might have caused the pregnancy. He was later released as there was a lack of evidence.

Baby Geraldo grew up healthy, although he passed away aged 40 from bone marrow disease. Lina herself is now aged 88.

Charles Schultz, the creator of the original ‘Peanuts’ comic strip, thought it was important his youthful characters were brought to life by actual child voices.

And while we’re at it, may as well throw in the adult voice behind ‘Snoopy’ as well…

Harley Davidson created a mobile booking cage back in the 1920’s. Officers were able to detain and imprison unlawful citizens and then shuttle them around as they went. The motorcycle was called the ‘Black Maria’. What the prisoner and police officer conversed about en-route is anyone’s guess.

Future ‘Queen of Crime’ novelist Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976) served as a nurse during WWI. She is pictured here in Torquay, England.

What the? No bones about it, this is next level eerie. Haven’t seen anything around like this today. Kind of glad I haven’t.

Long before audiobooks, digital libraries or streaming services there were mobile libraries. This one is pictured in London. For the pricely sum of 2 cents a week, you could rent a book from one of these book back shelves. Chiropractors were rumored to take a particular interest in the business.

Alice Elizabeth Doherty was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A in 1887. She lived until the age of 46 with the rare condition known as hypertrichosis lanuginosa. Alice was exhibited by her parents as a sideshow attraction from as early as the age of two.

We now use alarm clocks and mobile phones to get us up in the morning, but people needed to be on time for work before these devices were created. “Knocker-Uppers” walked about with long sticks, knocking on bedroom windows to ensure their company’s worker’s got out of bed on time.

They received a few extra pennies if they remained at the window, persistently knocking until they were sure the person was up and ready to start their day.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake left a visible gap all along the San Andreas Fault line, which apparently can still be seen today.

Check out a young Sly Stallone at 1 min 25secs and a young Donald Trump at 1 min 27secs.

If you think your job is boring, check this out. Back in the 1920’s a new service was started to keep people up to date with the times. Time operators had to announce the time every 15 seconds. Later, recordings took over and the service was… timed out.

Frank Lentini was born in Italy in 1889 with three legs and four feet. The genetic rarity is known as being born with a parasitic twin. This is when twins begin to develop during a pregnancy but do not separate. Frank joined Ringling Brothers Circus as a sideshow entertainer. Everyone has to earn a living.

It looks like a bike a superhero might ride. Ok, maybe not the color but definitely everything else – art deco style curves included. Fast forward 77 years and ‘Back to the Future’ style, you get this –

If any of this may have whet your appetite to take a leisurely cruise aboard the SS Nostalgia, hosted by your Captain Arthur Fonzarelli, then I guess you’d better click HERE.

9 thoughts on “The Rest is History

  1. Interesting read Mr D 🤔 I think I need the window knockers in this cold weather to get me up in the mornings. 🤦‍♀️


  2. I can’t believe you actually found a video of those guys at work knocking on windows!
    Wow, what a creative idea! But yeah, no fun at all as a job. I would take it, however, over the lady having to announce the time every 15 seconds. Uggggggh. No way. No way could a human being do that and remain sane!!
    Where did you find all these weird little factoids, Glen?
    I loved seeing the voices of the Peanuts, ’cause I was never sure if Peppermint Patty was REALLY voiced by a girl or not. But there she is!
    And I can understand the three-legged man having to make a living…but boooooo to the woman who put her child on display. I’m sorry! I don’t care! At LEAST take care of the kid until she’s of age, then let HER decide if she wants to be in a circus or not. So sad!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Once again Stacey, you have breathed life into these photos from the past with blue-ribbon engagement. Thankyou so much. Time lady vs the knock uppers in the “WHO’S GOT THE WORST JOB” contest. What an interesting proposition!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. And, of course, I mean “film” of the knockers, not video. I know you know that I know you know that, but… just to clarify, lol.


  4. Something really weird is going on with WP where I’m concerned. I can see in my email that you responded to the last comment I made (not the one above, one after that)–and I can see part of the comment in the email–but it’s nowhere to be found when I come in here. It’s not here! At least to my eyes. But YOU saw it….right? The thing about “window knockers” not just “knockers’…………

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really like the walking library idea. And it only took about 70 years for someone to figure out you can put the bookshelf on a post instead of a person and make a neighborhood library box or whatever they’re called. Give a book-Take a book box. The only design flaw is the door on my neighborhood one doesn’t spring shut. I’ve pulled out books warped from the rain and been startled by skinks sleeping in there. They probably didn’t have that problem with the backpack bookshelf.

    Liked by 1 person

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