They Call it Puppy Love

Pets? I’ve had a few.

Goldfish. Budgies. Guinea pigs. Even had a goose named ‘Waddles’ for a while.

Recently, the stars aligned so perfectly their luminous night sky memo could barely be ignored. It was time to bring new life into the realm. Not just any life but one born in a fur tuxedo and full of velvety mischief. Cute on a whole new level, in other words. And with hedgehog paws to boot!

This… ladies and gentlemen… is ‘Teddy’.

I’ll admit I’ve partaken of the odd bit of tut-tutting in the past, aimed at bloggers who go on – all Facebooklike – about their pets. Possibly you know the type I mean.

These well-intentioned, overly-smitten urban campers insist on regularly treating their readers to out-of-focus, ho-hum couch ‘n kitchen shots of their adored truffles – with the requisite accompanying ‘hilarious’ tales – with all the gushing enthusiasm of a tabloid journalist spilling forth the latest thread-bare Kadashians scoop.

Did somebody say ‘gushing’ ? Yes they did.

So what’s my excuse?

Well, there’s two, actually. First is, this is a once-off. Really. You won’t hear about ‘Teddy’ again. Not for some time at least. Possibly not until Disney make a sequel to its 2008 canine movie BOLT. And who knows when, if ever, that’ll be. (Ok, I could have said a sequel to TURNER & HOOCH but would anyone besides myself and Tom Hanks know what I was talking about?)

Second, this is no ordinary dog. No ordinary puppy. This is TEDDY. The one and only. (Ok, he may have come from a litter of 13 but like a little doggy snowflake, there’s still just the one ‘Teddy’. Right?)

If you knew of the circumstances that were behind the decision to welcome him into our home – as a few people do – you’d understand – in a ‘circle of life’ kind of way, why he’s so special. That’s a story for another day.

OPERATION PUPPY HUNT kicked off, like 9 out of 10 things seem to these days, with a Google search. Many Google searches, in fact. We wanted a child-friendly breed of dog that didn’t shed hair. Cavoodles tick both those applicant boxes.

Next it was off to a number of pet shops. We eventually linked up with a private reputable breeder – a friend of a friend. It was a long drive from our house and when we eventually returned home empty handed one weekend after somehow getting lost (GPS didn’t count on multi road closures encircling the residence we were aiming for) we wondered if the whole thing wasn’t meant to be.

Encouraged not to give up by some very supportive folk at my work place, we tried again a fortnight later. This time we landed smack bang in the middle of puppy heaven. The one we would eventually name ‘Teddy’ was definitely the shy guy of the litter. But we liked that.

Driving home with him squirreled away in his back seat basinet reminded me so much of the day, twelve years ago, we brought home our daughter from hospital. On both those occasions my driving assumed an extra edge of precaution – several, actually – like I was an armored car security guard delivering a kings-ransom payroll.

In the car on the journey home we tossed around names. A lot of names. And not just in English. Maybe not quite to the hilarity of this scene from BEETHOVEN (1992) but for certain more fulfilling than the usual game of road-trip ‘I spy’.

Boiling that overblown brainstorming session down to just four names, we were left to family-vote on – ‘FLAPJACK’ – (I kid you not) – the Top Gun 2 inspired ‘MAVERICK’ – slightly posh and butler-ish sounding ‘BENTLY’ and of course what turned out to be the eventual pageant winner – ‘TEDDY’.

A friend asked me if we’d named the newest addition to our family after NRL footballer James ‘Teddy’ Tedesco. I replied, “Actually, I was thinking a little more presidential.

Life has got that much more cuddly and interesting now thanks to the Ted factor. With a 5 star heart-tugging (not to mention emotionally manipulative) head-tilt and a tail that spins like a Cessna Skyhawk’s propeller, joy is ours for the taking.

I can’t start my day now without my two scoops of Teddy. As a matter of fact, he insists on it.

But there’s work involved. To say I and everyone else in my household are on a learning curve re puppy behavior would be playing understating love ladders with the truth.

So I’m doing what I usually do when I want to learn about a topic. I read. HEREHEREHEREHERE and by golly, even HERE. And as is fairly well known around these parts, I’m not above including the odd cartoon as a source of wisdom either…

Sometimes going old skool helps too –

Oh, with all this chatter, I almost forgot to show you this…

Yep, that’s him! You might say ‘ol Teddy is coming on in leaps and bounds. Below is him again, in the slightly more artsy ‘reflective surfaces’ French Cinema version –

And since this site likes to think of itself as having at least some vague links to all things literary, here’s a curated list, for no other reason than it looks kind of attractively ‘shop-like’ when placed together, of some great doggy novels and non-fiction

Thought we’d finished? Can’t do that without these two musical ‘Teddy’ dedications.

The first one, below, has been placed at the end of this post since I’m pretty sure had it gone at the beginning, a sizeable portion of the readership of this blog would have pulled up stumps and ceased reading in protest. Something I usually like to avoid, if possible.

For a smidgen of context. bear in mind SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK has made no secret of it’s life-long like of the band KISS. Their September Brisbane concert is marked on the calendar in yellow highlighter. Teddy, this song, which oddly I regularly have belting out at the gym at 5am, is for you.

For everyone else… I simply ask you to draw on all your reserves of stamina and will-power to endure this slab of 80’s-fashion-emblazed buffoonary up to (and, and for the very brave, including) the first chorus. That kicks in around the 45 second mark. Make it to there and you’re welcome to hit the kill switch for all you’re worth anytime after.

And the second? No need for caution or disclosures this time ’round. Betting you’re gonna puppy love it…

That P.S was from Teddy. This P.S. is from me. Happy Days are here again. Check it out HERE.

7 thoughts on “They Call it Puppy Love

  1. Made my day, Glen!!! Still chuckling! Brilliantly assembled….loved it! Just substituted the younger of my feline fur babies (who run my life) for Teddy! Whilst I’d now love a pup to take me out for my daily walk, the Body Corporate By.Laws of my Residential complex prevail.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on getting your Teddy! He looks adorable. I hadn’t heard of a cavoodle before. I’ve seen goldendoodles and cockapoos, labradoodles and peekapoos. Guess the poodles get around. I think we all need more puppy stories. There aren’t many creatures that are naturally oozing pure joy 24/7.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great way of putting it Karen – the ‘oozing 24/7’ thing I mean.
    I reckon Teddy would love roaming in the community Rose garden you featured in your last post.
    Not that he’d be allowed to. lol


  4. I’m so, so, so jealous. Really adorable dog and wonderful story-telling accompaniment. Especially the nostalgic look back to when your 12-year-old was a newborn. Awwwwww!
    It’s funny how we all sort of have the same kinds of pets at one time or another. We’ve had the usual dogs and cats, but I had a guinea pig too, and we also had budgies and fish.
    The goose, however….I can’t beat that. Would have loved a goose, though. Or a duck.
    BTW, what was KISS doing out of makeup?!


  5. Wow, someone actually watched the KISS clip!

    That was their very first song video (1983) in which they appeared sans makeup.
    By that time the band had been going for 10 years and their career, by comparison to the giddy heights of earlier times, was in a lull.

    The removal of makeup idea was a gimmick aimed at bringing them back to the spotlight and prolonging their career. The idea worked. They played bare-faced right up until 1996. Next year will be the band’s 50th anniversary.

    They will join THE ROLLING STONES, THE BEACH BOYS, THE WHO and AEROSMITH as bands who’ve been together 50 or more years who are still touring today, featuring at least some members of the original lineup. Heavy metal rocker’s IRON MAIDEN are two years off that same milestone.

    I realize when you innocently asked the question Stacey you weren’t after a full-on history lesson.

    But a true KISS fan (me)… oh ok… true KISS ‘tragic’, finds it difficult to control themselves when an innocent lamb makes the mistake of showing even the barest twitch of curiosity and can be lured into the deep and seriously cavernous knowledge cave.

    And to prove just how deep and time-wasting that knowledge cave can be there’s this…
    I advise you to leave NOW Stacey, before this video plays. Get out while you still can, with your senses and good taste still intact. Before the (useless) knowledge cave entombs you forever – or at least another four minutes!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lmfao!! What the hell?! That was hilarious. What was going on there? It seemed like they were fighting the villain themselves–KISS–but I guess they weren’t, they’re just such a great rock band, their greatness included the illusion of also combating evil, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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