Best Cartoons of 2022

As anyone who’s shown even a casual interest in this site over the years would know, SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK and whacked-out cartoons frequently sit side-by-side on the same food-stained couch (this site). There’s one or two thrown in for comic relief, most posts.

Now that we’re in the ‘look back’ month of the year, it seemed like the right time to gather a collection of some of the best together in one glorious, cackling heap.

Here are 50 cartoons from 2022 that might just bring on an ice-cream smile. Or, sticking with the cold dessert descriptions, maybe a snow-cone titter. Or failing that, possibly even a good old fashioned sorbet snigger. Not that anyone’s ever heard of one of those before.

Whatever your pleasure, SWS is confident there’s something here for everyone. And that includes… YOU!

Teddy’ Donaldson couch-surfing

Would love to know your Top 3 from this lot. Even just one cartoon that caressed your funny bone. Comments are hugely open.

8 thoughts on “Best Cartoons of 2022

  1. So, so, so, so late here! But you know the score now, as related in your Book Covers post.
    Where do you FIND all of these? I love them all!
    Especially the “move to the end of the table” to the bowling pins, the in box of yarn, the out box of completed sweaters, the witch and the warlock in bed, the lady on either a blind date or just a date date with the puppets, the guys on the mountain thinking of going to a Starbucks equivalent, why Rome is falling, and the mouse and the perfectly clipped hedge in the labyrinth!
    They’re all good, though. Especially since I’m SEEING THEM NOW…. HINT, HINT, WP, YOU MONSTER! 🙂

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