Looking Back

History is so neat. So perfect. So packaged and understandable. So…done.

Like an old shoe, it comes with comfort and layers of certainty. What could be more certain than the past? We can slide into it and make sense of it. Usually with ease. That isn’t always possible with the far more perplexing present.

History, God bless it, has been likened to a narrow flashlight in a darkened room. Using another analogy, its the broad brush as opposed to the fine tip which is used more often than not when recalling things from the past.

Our moments and memories are reincarnated in isolation; separated from their original context, leadup and intricate details. They are nothing more and nothing less than a single moment in time.

Like these moments

The comparison to today’s finger-sized 64 Gigabyte USB flash drives (‘Memory Sticks’) is striking. Throw in the fact that a Gigabyte is one thousand times bigger than a Megabyte – even though the prefix ‘Mega intuitively sounds bigger than the prefix ‘Giga’ – and the contrast becomes jaw-dropping.

Three Rock Queens for the price of one. This photo was taken by BLONDIE co-founder and lead guitarist Chris Stein (now aged 72).

Just so you know, a ‘SWIM-MOBILE’ was a mobile swimming pool on a long flat bed trailer that could be moved from place to place. Makes sense now, huh?  

That kid on the dragster is the person who would grow up to be Microsoft’s Co-founder and the man who would hold FORBES MAGAZINE’S ‘Richest Person in the World’ title every year from 1995 to 2017 – except from 2010 to 2013.

‘Ol Blue Eyes doesn’t even spill a drop.

One of her more popular feats was raising her 85kg husband over her head with one arm.

Your challenge is to identify who the young girl (pictured with her older brother Taylor) is in this picture. She would go on to become one of the most bankable stars of 1950’s/60’s Hollywood. First name starts with the letter E’. Think ‘Queen of the Nile’.

Click HERE to tune to vintage television history.

6 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Liz Taylor (1932 – 2011) is correct. Somehow I’ve lead everywhere ashtray with the clue about the boy pictured in the photo. Elizabeth Taylor’s brother was in fact named Howard – just like Richie’s father in HAPPY DAYS.


    • Great! I’m usually not good at guessing faces but her eyes never changed. Your thoughts on memory are interesting. I recently listened to an Alan Alda podcast about our creative memories. The scholar he interviewed Daphna Shohamy, said we’re constantly revising our memories.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw Elizabeth immediately. She was even gorgeous as a little girl!
    Also loved the women delivering ice: they must have been fascinating personalities. Would love to go back in time and talk to them.
    The traveling pool–I’ll have to ask hubby if he ever saw that or heard of it! So weird!
    The Hitler photo is fascinating. Hard to imagine he had it in him to comfort anyone.
    Of course Frank S. is getting out of a helicopter–cocktail in hand.
    I just want to know how that elephant kept its balance when it got pulled into the water on that thing–even if it IS a platform.
    Thanks for the fascinating view into the past!

    Liked by 1 person

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