3, 2, 1… Launch!

Glitz – glamour – ‘A’ list celebs – and the all important ‘goodie’ bag.

The gala launch YOU’RE invited to has none of these things.

Unless of course you count the ‘A’ in ‘A lister’ as meaning ‘ageing’. Then yes, this partay will be attended by more than a few genuine ‘A’ listers.

Back in 2018 I started a site dedicated to reliving my second most favorite tv series from childhood, LOST IN SPACE. After covering all 83 episodes and reaching the end of that journey, another nostalgia train is busily steaming it’s engines and getting ready to depart the platform.

What’s better than your second favorite show of all time? There’s only one answer to that question and in my case the answer is HAPPY DAYS.

The phenomena that was HAPPY DAYS originally ran for eleven seasons,. It kicked off in 1974 and finally drew to a close in 1984. The series presented an idealized vision of teenage and family life in the 1950s in Midwestern United States. By the time it’s amazing run ended it had amassed a total of 255 episodes.

And now the time has come to relive all the joy, sheer delight and laughs the series gave through the brand spanking new site HAPPY DAYS: THE FIRST FIVE SEASONS.

Why only the first five seasons? Those who remember the program won’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out the answer to that small mystery. For those new to HAPPY DAYS, lets just say quality-wise, anything after Season Five and you may as well be talking about a different show.

The HAPPY DAYS episode, infamous as it now is, that coined the term ‘Jump the Shark’ (meaning the point at which a tv series can be regarded creatively as a spent force and is considered from then on to be on a downward slide) – where Fonzie jumps over an actual shark while on waterskies – was, afterall, in Season Five.

Here now is the official call to action

This site needs followers. If I was was some kind of marketing type I would flip that like a (word) burger and offer up – followers need this site But that might be stretching things just a tad. So instead I’ll say I would love it – actually ‘love‘ is too weak a word in these launch-mode circumstances so how ’bout if I substitute ‘ache for’ instead – you to follow this new site.

If you’re feeling it, go clickety click HERE and get a little piece of HAPPY DAYS in your email inbox twice a month.

Overexplaining is something the Fonze would never approve of but…just to make it clear and easy, if you click on that link labelled HERE, at the bottom of the page it takes you to the magic Halloween-orange bar (pictured below) that is your sign-up ticket. Happy days!

8 thoughts on “3, 2, 1… Launch!

  1. Yes, Happy Days was one of the shows I grew up watching too. Then I added the Laverne and Shirley spin-off to my must-watch TV list. Don’t think I ever watched the whole Happy Days series though. I recently noticed that the free Pluto app has a Happy Days channel, so I catch an episode now and then. Fonzie’s coolness still holds up!

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  2. That’s was one of the things I had a few guilty doubts about whether Fonzie’s coolness would hold up after all these years. I’m 10 episodes into my great re-watch and am happy to report, it – meaning the cool factor – is holding up pretty well so far.

    Thanks very much for the follow of the new site Karen.


  3. I hope Happy Days is on Netflix or Disney because I would be keen to give season 1 a go and see if it tickles my fancy. Rebecca is keen too because there is only so many movies or series’ on Netflix that you can watch. We need a new project that has the ability to entertain. If you had to rate it from a 1-10, what would it be? If it is above an 8, then we’re in!!

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  4. Certain things that were present in a person’s childhood are probably what they build the strongest connections to in their adult psyche. I grew up watching HAPPY DAYS, so for me those connections are there.

    For a person coming into it fresh as an adult, it may not have quite the same impact. I would like to say a lot of the situations about growing up depicted in the show are timeless, but since I’m basically love-blind regarding this series, it’s hard for me to give an unbiased opinion.


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