Some Bright Spark

Sweet tea amazing!

Some bright spark – with time on their hands (I am so buoyantly glad, as it turns out, that whoever this dead-set creative genius is, HAD the time on their hands) has gone and created an Alfred Hitchcock mash-up video that truly must be seen to be believed.

Murder/death scenes from 36 of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies have been spliced together and synchronized to climax in unison. A little on the grisly side perhaps but full points for the breath-taking creativity and technical smarts it took to pull off a trick of these proportions.

LightsCamera Action – Mayhem!

For the film buffs, here’s the breakdown of the individual movies these scenes were taken from –

You mean, that’s all? A blog post devoted to just one three-minute video?

Almost doesn’t seem right, does it? And for that reason, here’s one more video to end things off on. Completely unrelated topic but huge in the creativity department as well. Hope you like it.

4 thoughts on “Some Bright Spark

  1. The Hitchcock mashup is INSANE. I didn’t even know where to look. But, yeah, they took an idea and ran with it. Creative and then some!
    As for the bikini commercial–pretty hilarious. I enjoyed it, if only for, at the end of it, the immense irony, lol !!

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  2. ‘Insane’ is THE perfect word for that murder mashup Stacey and it took you to think of it!

    I reckon it’s safe to say ‘the immense irony’ is not the first description that would necessarily come to the mind of your average male viewer of that bikini commercial, so again… thank you!

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