Top 50 Songs List – The Sequel


It’s been close on 12 months since I posted my original Top 50 Songs list.


I thought at the time making the list would be a fulfilling experience. To finally sort in some type of order so many great songs which had been buzzing around in my head for all these years like trapped horseflies banging up against a pane of glass looking for a way out, was, as it turned out, a truly joyous and cathartic experience.

Yet in some ways it raised almost as many questions as it answered in regard to songs it literally pained me to leave off the list.

How better to correct that problem then to make another list!





2 thoughts on “Top 50 Songs List – The Sequel

  1. I just picked one to listen to when I sorely need to crash after a big week. It was none other than Devo. I have to wonder what inspired each of their songs. They were certainly unique, and quite witty. I could never appreciate them at the time, but now I find I might have a slight soft spot for them in a devo sort of way….

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  2. Back in the mid 2000’s, Disney Records (there really was such a record label) spawned a Devo tribute band made up of kids. The band was named DEVO 2.0. This was their version of the song that came in at number 49 on my countdown – FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

    (Interesting fact: the girl playing keyboards in this video played ‘Foxface’ in the 2012 film THE HUNGER GAMES).


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