Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

CaptureCongratulations, though they be late, go to this year’s Motion Picture Academy Award winners. The ceremony itself, hosted for the second consecutive year by comedian Jimmy Kimmel went without a hitch. This is more than can be said for the  shenanigans of last year’s ‘Envelope-gate’ when La La Land was mistakenly announced as Best Picture ahead of MoonlightREMEMBER THE HORROR HERE

But this post is not about who won and who didn’t, as such. This is dedicated to the far  weightier topic of what lay in the much talked about, much coveted ‘Goody Bag’ that each of the top 28 nominees – for those in the Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress and Best Director categories – received. Yes it’s all a bit after the fact now, but if nothing else this post will help console the Aussie cheer squad of Oscar nominee Margot Robbie by showing although she didn’t win, she still, as they say, came out a winner.

Although not officially sanctioned by the Academy, the Goody Bag tradition has been around for at least the last 16 years and in that time has evolved to a shower of riches on a truly epic scale for people you might be forgiven for thinking are spoiled enough already.

Each Goody Bag (if you’re unsure why I keep bestowing the term with capital letters – you’re about to find out) was this year worth around $138 000. They are put together by marketing firm Distinctive Assets. Here’s a sample of what was inside (gaping is considered a perfectly acceptable response) –






plus a literal stretch-limo full of other trinkets, luxury bits ‘n bobs and assorted pampering paraphernalia.


A mere morsel of the Distinctive Assets swag bag.

All this got me thinking what a SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK sample bag might look like –

Capture 3

Capture3 Capture 3

Definitely, I’ll admit, a carob-coated experience (if ever there was one) by comparison.

Ps. After her recent interview on 60 MINUTES it’s confirmed I now have a new favourite politician. New Zealand’s Prime Minister (elected last November) Jacinda Ardern presents as natural and unguarded, funny and genuine. She now officially replaces my previous favourite politician, former Australian Treasurer now Ambassador of Australia to the United States Joe Hockey.

Capture 3

PPS. Two weeks ago I highlighted the issue of runners playing loud music without the use of earphones at Saturday morning ParkRuns. Seems someone enjoys playing the right royal media tart… SEE HERE

Noiseman Cover

PPPS. Before moving on finally from Academy Awards talk, time for me to nominate my all-time favourite movies that have won the Best Picture Oscar. I’m not one who’s  traditionally found myself attracted to the sort of movies that usually win this accolade but these ten are the exception. Throw in TITANIC (1997) as well…





11 thoughts on “Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

  1. Like a number of people, I think I’ll always associate Frances McDormand with her first Oscar winning performance back in 1996 in the movie produced and directed by her husband Joel Coen, FARGO.


  2. Could I please have the anti-aging whatever it is, the conflict-free diamond necklace and the dictionary of sarcasm? You have enlightened me on yet another aspect of life where it seems incredible that the famous are given incredible gifts. Do these people really need a dating app? Maybe actors need the How to Stay Married app?
    I think you take a grand photo Mr Scenic Writer’s Shack. The message is loud and clear.
    My favourite movie, from your list of movies, that have received the Best Picture Oscar is …….. The Gladiator!
    PS I would like to mention Pride and Prejudice because I can. (BBC mini series that is…)


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  3. If ever you decide to start your own blog Michelle, I’ll be one of the first to sign up.
    Your comments are funneh!
    Every one of them, especially the bit about the How to Stay Married app.


  4. I’m going to give a throw out to Frances McDormand in Fargo, as well. What a movie that is! And I’m just saying, I think the greatest crime of cinematic history was awarding Denzel Washington the Best Actor Oscar ahead of Russell Crowe for a Beautiful Mind. On second thought, the greatest crime was perhaps releasing the movie Virtuosity, which the two of them starred in together, at all. They actually both agree on that one. It was an absolute lemon. Marisa Tomei for Best Supportive Actress for My Cousin Vinnie was also a very interesting choice.

    Glen, I love your deluxe goodie bag. I think it’s right up there will the quality of the Letters and Numbers’ Macquarie Dictionary but much funnier- Genius!

    By the way, what does Jacinda have that the Trumpster doesn’t?

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    • With you on the questionable merits of the 1995 movie VIRTUOSITY. Apparently that movie cost $30 million to make but ended only getting back $24 million at the box office. It’s pretty easy to see why.

      You’re rivalling Michelle in the humour stakes with your comment about the SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK goodie bag being right up there with the SBS show ‘Letters & Numbers’ sparing no expense awarding their winning contestants a glorious Macquarie Dictionary. That is truly one of the funniest moments on television whenever it happens.

      And what does NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (born 1980) have that Mr Trump doesn’t? The list is long but can we start with the most obvious – a beautiful smile and humility?

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  5. Jimmy Kimmel did a great job hosting but I suggest you check out Stephen Colbert and his weekly monologues. He is on the same level as Jimmy, if not better.

    Scent of a Women was a movie that I thought was unlucky to miss out in 1992, but I know Al Pacino won best actor that year for his role in the movie. And it lost to Unforgiven which was a great movie. I also agree with Geoff – Russell Crowe should of won best actor for A Beautiful Mind but he had won the year before for Gladiator, so maybe that’s why he didn’t get it the following year.

    Enjoyed the read.

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    • May I suggest that Scarlett Johansson’s jaw-dropping performance in the 2013 movie UNDER THE SKIN will eventually go down as one of the Academy’s biggest individual acting snubs of all-time.


  6. There were a number of movie faves of mine in your top 10 above Glen, but as much as A Beautiful Mind was powerful, and brilliant in a number of ways, I have to give my top spot to Forest Gump as one of the most unique and original story lines I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

    It was both deeply moving in parts, and incredibly funny in others. I would not be surprised if quite a few would agree it is a movie unlike any other. I am curious if anyone knows of one they could consider to be similar.
    I’d certainly like to see it if there was.

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  7. There’s a couple of movies I can think of that feature a simple-minded main character guiding the audience through a variety of historical events –

    Being There (1980) – the story of a man (played by Peter Sellers) like Gump whose actions and words are seen as more profound than they are.

    Zelig (1983) – a Woody Allen mockumentary about a man who appears in some of the great moments in history.

    Big Fish (2003) – Ewan McGregor plays a son trying to understand his dad who has always been a teller of truly tall tales.

    Little Big Man (1970) – Dustin Hoffman plays a man who claims to have lived as both a native American Indian and white man and fought alongside Custer.


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