When Fashion Meets Icecream


Here at SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK, it’d be a safe bet to think you won’t read many posts dedicated to discussing clothes’ fashions.

The closest I’ve come to going all Carla Zampatti, Zimmermann, and Givenchy was when I posed the question back in October (HERE)  “How old is too old when it comes to wearing band t-shirts?”

 Even more out of sorts on these pages would be the idea you’ll ever see me weighing the merits of stripes vs leopard spots when it comes to ladies handbag designs.

Here goes then, with the aid of a few deep breaths and some old-school finger-crossing, a couple of ribbon-cutting firsts.

In a move that takes outfit matching and colour co-ordination to giggle-worthy new heights, the good folk at Streets Icecreams have teamed up with some apparently high-end, big name fashion design brands  – Bec & Bridge, Romance Was Born and By Johnny(has anyone actually heard of any of these ‘big names’ ?) to unveil three new ‘limited edition’ Magnum icecream flavours they’ve dubbed their, wait for it… “Fashion Collection”.

The artistically designed wrappers, looking every bit like something Australian artist Ken Done might have painted on a whim back in the 1980’s, have been paired with everyone’s must-have (tee hee) indulgent summer accessory: an insulated clutch, custom handbag designed to carry the precious Magnum from freezer to the beach without melting. If you can’t find wonder and amusement in all that, like you’re looking at some newborn’s grasping fist, I say you’re not really trying.


If you’re gonna get brain freeze, at least do it in style.



Mouth-watering fashions anyone?



How come this idea didn’t make it into the 2001 Ben StillerOwen WilsonWill Ferrell fashion industry send-up movie ZOOLANDER or its 2016 sequel?



The new standard in summer accessorizing??



Designer handbags for your icecream? So obvious it’s brilliant!



Ps. What’s next in the world of fashion I recklessly, courageously & not to mention brazenly ask…

thong jeans & car mat skirts?


Ps. Wouldn’t think ice-cream – with or without the matching clutch handbags – would have been a big seller at this year’s Winter Olympics but congratulations must go to South Korea for staging a most successful 17 day event, ending with the closing ceremony last Sunday.

Across the two weeks I’m pretty certain I watched more figure skating then I have in my previous five decades put together and thanks must go as well to the event organisers and athletes for helping to keep me at least ‘psychologically’ cool while viewing during Brisbane’s merciless heatwave that raged during that time.

Acclaim is due also to the producers and marketers of the iceskating biopic I,TONYA (starring Australia’s Margot Robbie) for truly inspired timing to coincide with the World’s attention on all things frozen sports.

Of 92 participating countries, Australia finished 23rd on the medal tally. The Top 10 country medal hauls were –


The next Winter Olympics is in 2022 ( it feels vaguely science fiction-ish even typing that date!) in Beijing China.

Wanna be witness to a truly breath-taking example of someone getting back on their feet after a confidence-crushing failure?   CLICK HERE

PPS. Before I leave the subject of icecream altogther it would be remiss of me not to mention Brisbane’s annual Icecream Festival being staged at West End on Saturday March 10th. Understandably it’s been dubbed Brisbane’s ‘Coolest’ Festival.


PPPS. This post has been proudly brought to you by SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK  SNACK.


14 thoughts on “When Fashion Meets Icecream

  1. Octopuses and cats both surely wouldn’t be seen dead in thong jeans, car mat skirts or matching icecreams and clutch handbags. Well maybe cats, what with their slinky, luxuriating and pampered ways, but never octopuses.

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  2. What happens when I like the flavour of Bec and Bridge but like the design By Johnny? What a dilemma?

    If I buy By Johnny will people notice the ice-cream doesn’t match? Will people take a wide berth of me because I don’t match? I’m so confused. Talking about being confused, why is everything ‘salted’? I don’t want salted ice-cream. However if you are talking hot chips…yes please. So to begin my weekend I’m all thoroughly confused. Design or salted? That is the question.

    Cheers 🥂

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    • You have indeed raised some nuggety conundrums there Mademoiselle Michelle.

      I too have noted the rise and rise over the last few years in culinary circles and beyond of the ‘salted’ descriptor.

      As to matching outfits – the most I know as a bloke, fashion-wise, is canvas slip-on shoes, overstuffed wallets, shark-tooth necklaces and Southern Cross tattoos are all massive no no’s.

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    • I have complete confidence should the style-darlings driving the fashion industry ever put their mind to it they could quite easily come up with a way to make ice-cream dripping out of a handbag a popular (perhaps post Steam Punk) sought-after and much-copied ‘look’.

      Is that an icecream handbag I spot at the 54 second mark of this music video from 1989?
      (No, it’s a model trying to make ironing look cool!).


      • Glen, your post triggers my memories of Zoolander, which was on in all its glory last night, and a story about a Japanese school adopting £525 (A$935) student uniforms by acclaimed fashion design Giorgio Armani. The move has sparked outrage over elitism and discrimination, but Japan does have a reputation for some of the trendiest school uniforms in the world. It is also mooted that fashion accessories such as handbags will complement this so-called stylish look.

        Maybe they’ll sell those stylish Magnums at the tuckshop.

        Love the images in your piece, Glen, particularly the homage to Dirty Harry.

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  3. Having spent three amazing years living in Tokyo, I can definitely confirm the Japanese are no slouches when it comes to fashion. But Giorgio Armani designed school uniform digs? That’s definitely a ‘class’ above.

    And you’re a Dirty Harry fan from way back as well? This one’s for you then Geoff –
    Harry poses as a plane pilot to take down a group of hijackers.
    Enjoy the mayhem..

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  4. Thinking of jeans, Jane and I went to Eat Street on Friday night for a serious dose of “hip vibe”. It was a great evening, but it was disturbing to see the number of people there who could not afford to repair their jeans, or buy a new pair. I have to wonder what the new “urban poverty” set means for the future or at least current state of our economy.


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