Can you stomach it?



If your favourite food over this Xmas holiday period has been seconds, then at least one thing is certain – you’re not alone!

‘Tis the season when lapsed exercise routines and eating like an entitled King or Queen is what passes as normal. Around this time of year a lot of folk could list their hobbies as eating and complaining they’re getting fat.

But not if you’re the little furry guy pictured in the first frame above.

See, he’s got a neat trick involving using a certain part of his body to store up to half his body weight. I’ll tell you where and which body part in a moment.

First though, for the benefit of Aussie readers where this animal is not found, comes the education-scented portion of this post. Hamsters are members of the rodent family and are commonly found in parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. There are 26 different species and they are a common household pet as well as laboratory animal. Hamsters are born blind and hairless and continue to have poor eyesight during their lifespan. Back in 2010, automobile maker Kia released a series of commercials featuring hamsters driving around in a new Kia Soul while other hamsters ran in place in their wheels. TASTE THE SILLY HERE

Now you’re knowledged up about hamsters, back to the question –

Where in their bodies can hamsters store half their own bodyweight?


Their cheeks.


Ps. Seasons greetings from everyone in South Korea (Population 51 million)

Lost in Space

Pss. At this time of year many people release their ‘Best Books of the Year’  lists.

This first list is from the staff at local West End bookshop AVID READER


The second list is from the staff at U.S online site LIBRARYTHING








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