By the Numbers


I used to like a tv crime drama show called NUMBERS.

Don’t expect many others will remember it.

Produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, the series ran for 118 episodes and six seasons between 2005-2010.

It had a great opening credits sequence which contained the following voiceover –

“We all use math every day. To predict weather…to tell time…to handle money. Math is more than formulas and equations. It’s logic; it’s rationality. It’s using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know”.

See it here

This is my lead-in to posing the real prime of this post, which is the question –

Do you know what number follows on after a million, billion and trillion?

Before you attempt an answer, check out this scene from NUMBERS, talking about internet security –

Press Play

Allright, ready?

Answer, as you just saw, is a quadrillion.


Ps. If I had to nominate my favourite number it would be the number ’19’19 is a prime number made up of the first and last single digit numbers; 1 and 9. Number 19 is the number of beginning and end and therefore can be seen as a milestone of completion. 19 was the average age of the U.S combat soldier during the Vietnam War. The 19th Prime Minister (of Australia) was John Gorton, one of my faves (don’t ask me why!). On a personal note I’ll admit to having  fond memories of back when I was this age (though 19 is a true idiot’s age). My street address for the last decade has been 19 and a song I have loved for a great many years is Paul Hardcastle’s 19.        LISTEN TO IT HERE

What’s your favourite number.. and why?



Ps. Ever found yourself in a jam and asked, “What would my favourite philospher do?” Some of you are looking at me strange right now I know, but for anyone who knows their Aristotle from their Plato or their Buddha from their Socrates, this may be the book for you. Written by English author Marcus Weeks, WHAT WOULD NIETZSCHE DO? considers a variety of everyday problems from the viewpoint of some very renown deep minds. We all seek advice from time to time so where better to go than 80 of the greatest thinkers, past and present, the world has even known. Topics include –

  • How to mend a broken heart.
  • Toilet seat: Up or down?
  • What to do if you’ve lost your phone.
  • Is Shakespeare better than the Simpsons?
  • Should I get takeaway tonight?
  • Why do I feel guilty walking past a beggar?
  • How do I get to be one of the good guys?






12 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. I don’t know for real if he had a ‘favourite’ number (I suspect that would be too frivilous a thing for someone of his intellect but you never know) but I do know he was once ‘offered’ the Presidency of Israel.
    If you can get past the robotic voice, this is a pretty good Einstein joke –

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  2. Number 5 has been with me a great many years. 2+3=5 thanks to my birth date and of course year 1 maths. (or perhaps Prep these days) I played soccer for a number of years always donning the number 5 on my back and although it’s never been my street address maybe future Mr Right will live there???

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    • Hi Anon, (you don’t mind if I call you that for short, do you?)

      So you fancy the number five, eh?

      Then you’re gonna love this…

      I’ve always been superstitious, especially when it comes to placing bets on race horses. Last Saturday I grabbed the daily racing guide and looked up the 5th race at Eagle Farm.

      The horse installed in barrier 5 in that race was named, incredibly, “The 5th Element.” My day of special routines was just beginning.

      I started out by drinking 5 glasses of water.

      Then I went for a 5 km jog to clear my head.

      When I got home I took a 5 minute shower to rinse off.

      I dressed in the 5th suit (a quaint little Hugo Boss number) I found in my closet.

      I sat in my car for 5 minutes before starting it. I know this ’cause I timed it.

      I then drove to the racetrack and parked on level 5 in the 5th row of the carpark.

      I entered through the 5th admissions gate.

      I bought a racing program that cost $5.

      I went to the 5th betting window and bet $555 on the 5th horse in the 5th race. I paid in all $5 notes (Strange but true!)

      I went and sat in the 5th row of the stands making sure there were 5 people sitting on both sides of me.

      I settled in and waited for the race to start.

      So did my horse win?

      Nah, silly thing came in 5th.

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  3. I’m thinking of how I might manage “me too” with this post, but have to confess I don’t think I have a favourite number. With the confession behind me, I now wonder how much my sub conscience will be preoccupied with trying to work out if I can realistically find or think of one.


  4. You’re right, some people seem to be able to almost instantly nominate something when considering what their favourite number might be while other’s need to let the question ruminate in their brainbox for a while. I am surprised no one’s made a grab yet for the ‘ol Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy answer to life the Universe and everything – 42!


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