Gems amongst the gravel


Letters to the Editor. In the hands of many, whiny opinion pieces issued from Joe Citizen’s personal Complaints Department happy to finally find a home. In the hands of a few – poetry!

This one, taken from a recent issue of the Brisbane-Australia Saturday newspaper inserted QWEEKEND MAGAZINE recalls the nostalgic wonder and simplicity of small country town driving tests from yesteryear –

“Mel Buttle’s column pertaining to driving reminded me of when I obtained my license. I lived in a little country town, where the sole police officer tested my driving skills. I was required to drive in the main street where there was one car parked – “not enough for a reverse park”, so I was directed to drive on to find a hill for a hill start, not seeing another car along the way. Upon returning to the main street, the status quo remained. “Just make sure you can do a reverse park, OK?” the police officer said,as I was handed my license.”       Pam McGahey, Mount Samson


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