In The Beginning


The second last day of the year and I’m stepping forth to begin a brand new blog?

Seems like as good a time as any with the added bonus of an ever so slight hint of irony thrown in for good measure. Stand back and man the torpedos. Another writer’s blog is underway!

11 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. In the words of the ancient Australian tongue, ‘What in blue blazers!’

    My most royal dream entwined with the greatest of bloodcurdling nightmares delivered in the one time-has-stood-still, life changing moment. Someone (else) has read my very first blog post! And not just anyone someone else but a seasoned, cutting-edge word bandit of the highest order someone else. A pensive expression sweeps across my face and my lips press together in an ever so slight grimace as the realisation hits me with full force: my conflicted secret wish to toil away in at least a brief period of anonymity as I find my feet with this new venture in self expression, connectivity and word worship has now been shattered and it’s ashes scattered to the swirling air currents of the four winds. (Need to catch my breath after that sentence).

    The first time for anything is often memorable and sometimes thrilling. Thankyou Matt. Without trying to sound corny, Accidentally Inspired and it’s pathos, passion and wit-engorged priceless word pieces is a big part of the inspiration behind this, for want of a better description, new year project. The sad irony of it all is that once the curiosity has waned, it’s quite possible you may also also be the very first person to unsubscribe. Life, as we know, can be bittersweet. But to quote the plainly-voiced wisdom of British politician William Hague, ” I know people are fickle.”

    Here’s to writers and readers, new beginnings and this old saying which may, if somewhat cryptically, describe my immediate aspirations for this blog in 2017 – “May we be in heaven for half an hour before the devil knows we’re dead.”

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    • You got your letters mixed up. No bigie.
      But tread carefully in that area, fair maiden Jackie.
      Next thing you know you’ll be likely scramblin’ your W.I.N’s and your P.L.T.’s and we both know the hot water that could get a person in!


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