Fascinating Questions – Interesting Answers

This year, SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK has linked up with the good folk at QUORA to bring you interesting answers to fascinating questions.

QUORA describes itself as “an on-line platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.”

It’s visited by 300 million users a month.

There’s a topic of interest for absolutely anyone and everyone on this site. Here’s one I came across recently…

It’s cute that people think we are a completely different species from people in those days.

It all comes down to camera quality and fashion trends. If you had today’s “hot” woman photographed in similar attire with ratchet makeup and moppy hair, you’d get a similar result.

They were usually taking one photo and didn’t even know how to pose. I’ll put it a different way. If you took any of these woman – or in the case of picture ‘B’, teenage girl – who are being photographed for the first time in the 1890’s…

and gave them modern clothes, haircuts, and an Instagram account—boys would be wagging their tails instantly. The girl’s Instagram follower counts would tick up faster than a lightning bolt.


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2 thoughts on “Fascinating Questions – Interesting Answers

  1. I love the Quora questions! Sometimes people ask really dumb questions. I’m sorry, but they do. Like, “My landlord rented me an apartment at one price, then a few months later said he made a mistake and needs to charge me $80 more. Is that legal?” That’s not even the dumbest one, ’cause of course potential legal issues can make anyone panic. I can’t recall the really idiotic ones, though.
    Read the article, too, on attractiveness!
    Yeah, it makes sense, evolution, breeding out certain traits, etc.
    Actually, that Quora question was one of the dumber ones–why were people less attractive in the past? Looking back at old photos with a modern eye, probably wondering why there’s no filters on them or glamour lighting, lol.
    Fun stuff.

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  2. Thanks so much for your engagement on this topic Stacey.
    You are such a wonderful, um… what’s the word – engager?
    You are so right. There’s dumb. There’s fun. And there’s the space in-between. And maybe that space is the most relatable.

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