National Trivia Day

Little known piece of trivia: today is National Trivia Day. That is, if you’re in the United States. If you’re not, well… here you go anyway.

These bits of investigoogle twaddle crannied up from the nearest wiki bazooka wormhole range from verifiable facts to the more head-scratching ‘How could anyone know or prove that?’

Frankly, some of these trivia claims are on a par of believability with that ol’ chestnut about ALL OF US having a one in 200 chance of being related to blood-spilling 11th century warrior Ghenkis Khan. Considering he was Chinese and I’m most definitely not, I’d venture whoever came up with those ridonkuously generalized odds wasn’t necessarily thinking of me at the time.

Anyway, make of the following what you will. Hopefully there’s a few morsels of geunine power-glove info-tainment thrown in along the way.

And now, can I guess your reaction to any and all of that?

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9 thoughts on “National Trivia Day

  1. Where to begin? Man, I would never, NEVER win an episode of Jeopardy!
    First of all: Mosquitoes have teeth? Mosquitoes have teeth? I thought all they had was that long proboscis that slurps up blood like a straw!!!
    Elvis’ manager was very clever but sounds like he was super greedy.
    One never thinks about clouds as being “heavy.”
    One of the “lack of scientific rationale” moments in Interstellar that hubby scoffed at, btw (among many): was when they were landing on a planet and “bumped” into the clouds, which were frozen.
    No idea we lost some of our sense of taste on an airplane. I also love the, like, five-course meal they’re being served in the photo, when all we get today are (if we’re lucky) one little plastic plate of something unidentifiable and maybe a tiny cup of soda or coffee.
    BTW: I have been on airplanes since I was a kid, and I’ve never grown to enjoy it. I hate flying and always have. I know one is more likely to get into a car accident than crash, but still………………
    Have I ever brought up the one fact I know about kangaroos with you before?
    About why they lick themselves………….?

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  2. I’m with you about the mosquitos. Proboscis yes! Teeth no. But someone has come up with that ‘fact’ anyway.

    Funny what you said about INTERSTELLAR (2014). I never knew that about you regarding flying. I was on a flight (Brisbane to Cairns – 1700km) a few weeks back which was my first in two years, for obvious reasons. Nice to stretch the wings, so to speak.

    And kangaroos licking themselves?
    This is what I’ve discovered on that front –
    A cooling system unique to kangaroo anatomy: a network of hundreds of small blood vessels just under the surface of their forearms. To stay cool, the roos lick their arms and the moisture on their skin evaporates to cool their warm blood

    Now we know!

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  3. We definitely do know, indeed!
    I also heard that they lick their forearms when they’re nervous. I guess it’s similar to the way a cat will purr when it’s relaxed….but also when it’s under stress. It just makes me want to hug both of them (in those situations.)

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  4. How did they get all those great white sharks up high enough to measure the weight of the cloud, Glen? I’m assuming that’s what they did because everyone knows that getting a cumulus cloud down low enough to weigh 460 sharks is just a logistical nightmare.

    Yarra Trams used to put out a PSA warning motorists to take care around trams because a single tram weighs the equivalent of 5 rhinos on skateboards. I’m not sure why they quit telling people that. It’s useful trivia. It’s good to know what kind of stopping power you have at your disposal if you run into a rhino on a skateboard in Collins street.

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  5. That’s the sort of Public Service Announcement that would capture my interest.
    In tribute to the rhinos of this world, let us travel back in time as Spiderman battles his arch enemy RHINO. Have always loved the intro to this animated series from way back btw.


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