The Rest is History

History is a story with the most interesting characters and plotlines ever brought to mind.

History satisfies that desire to ‘know’. History is neat, packaged and explained. People like that.

History delivers insights and thrills in a narrative with ten twenty thirty forty a hundred times the sting of mere fiction because you know it actually happened. Most of it anyway.

While looking back with hindsight and making sense of things from afar, history is a chance for the average mortal to gain the wisdom of a god.

Current events are super interesting as well, I’ll grant you that. But history is like the prequels – that in a number of ways, are actually better than the original.

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I love history. History might even love me back. What’s for certain is I love all these photos.

5 thoughts on “The Rest is History

  1. Where to begin?!
    I was always fascinated by Sequoias and a few other trees that can live for THOUSANDS of years.
    So amazing!
    I just looked up oldest trees, and evidently one of the oldest ones is a pine that’s over 5,000 years old!

    Never pictured Nazis boxing up ANYTHING for the needy. But I guess this was pre-WWII before they got into the thick of their terrible activities.

    I, too, loved the kissing instructions.
    Omg, omg, omg–hil…ar…i….ous.
    “Gaze deeply at the love-lights which slumber deep in her eyes” ….. LOLOLOL
    It’s SO opposite of what’s going on in our world today! “Do not announce your intentions,”
    “Do not ask her permission.”
    Can you imagine those instructions going out today?! And yet, call me a barbarian, but if I was out on a date with someone and he asked if he could kiss me, I’d be fairly turned off. No, I don’t want someone to grab me and shove their tongue down my throat. But I think men have been pretty much de-fanged, de-clawed, de-testosteroned. They’ve been asked NOT to be how evolution made them. And I’m not saying, “They’re natural rapists! It’s fine!”
    No, no, no.
    Just masculinity by itself. It’s under fire, under attack. People label the “bad” masculinity as toxic, but really…it’s all masculinity and any kind of masculinity that dares to raise its big, hairy head, isn’t it? ‘It’s just not allowed anymore.
    But anyway, back to topic….history. Yeah! We need more of it, especially the untold stories and people who have been left out of it!!

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  2. Great comment(s) as usual Stacey.
    I’m glad someone gets it about the challenges to modern masculinity.

    Back in the 70’s they used to call it the ‘Battle of the Sexes’.
    No one will use that term ‘battle’ anymore but gender roles are definitely shifting sands and highly negotiated territory nowadays and have been for many decades. The freedoms and empowerment gained by one ‘side’ may come at the expense of the other ‘side’ and I believe that is exactly what may have happened. Then you have the inevitable pushback and on and on it goes.

    On a positive note I reckon both genders have been afforded more flexible identity’s these days even though millions of years of DNA evolution still largely has most of us pegged with certain gender-based tendencies. Ok, I’ll come down from the lectern now!

    The trees article – love it!

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  3. As usual, an eclectic and entertaining selection, Glen. But I wonder at the source of the Nazi story. As history is inevitably written by the winners at any given time, I’m forced to wonder who they determined as the ‘needy’, and whether the charity was even true or merely a rigged situation, the equivalent of modern politicians’ ‘soundbites’?

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