Top Ten Favorite Films from the 1940’s

When the swarm of literally tens of thousands of films nesting inside a dedicated movie buff’s head reaches critical mass and the buzz becomes too busy to ignore, there’s but one thing to do – compile a top 100 list.

This hive will be organised according to time periods – nominating ten loved films from each of the decades from the 1940’s through to the 2010’s. That will total eighty films, so twenty selections will be included for the 1970’s and 80’s‘my‘ decades.

The 1940’s was a decade dominated by World War Two and it’s aftermath. Politically it included the assignations of the Soviet politician Leon Trotsky in 1940 and Indian activist Mahatma Ghandi. Inventions to come from this period included velcro, the frisbee and the microwave oven.

Academy Award winners for Best Picture during this decade were –

Here are my ten favorite films from this period –

If you’re of the mind, then every frame of these movies may be regarded as a feast!

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Films from the 1940’s

    • I so love it when a list like this starts others thinking about what might be on their lists. You are completely right about HIS GIRL FRIDAY Neil. One of the classic films of that era in what used to be known as the ‘screwball comedy’ genre.

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  1. You’ve hit upon something there I believe James without especially trying to. The more films from a particular decade one familiarises oneself with the more one comes to know there are classic cinema gems on offer from EVERY era.


  2. Besides remembering some of the famous films of the 40’s (nice to go back in time from the armchair) it is also surprising to learn about the arrival of velcro, frisbees and the microwave oven – very interesting – looking forward to the next segment……….

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  3. The 50’s definitely promises to deliver a slew of all-time classics.
    By way of preview I can exclusively reveal, here now, the Bette Davis masterpiece ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) touches down at #5.

    This clip features Marilyn Monroe (she’s the one in the white mink coat – before she takes it off) in a – to my mind – completely scene-stealing performance. As well we get to hear the immortal Bette Davis line “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

    This movie has got ‘class’ written all over it.


  4. Great post Glen and top ten.
    Four I haven’t seen and will be pushed up my list are The Letter, The Abbott and Costello, never even heard of The Fountainhead and I’ve still haven’t got to Gilda yet! and that been on the to watch list for ages. Time for a bump up.
    Love the John Candy gif. He was the best.

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  5. I think I’ve seen at least half of those but I’m still up in the air about Rope–even after viewing the trailer.
    I can’t remember if we’ve seen it or not! What the hell? It looks familiar, though….
    Miracle on 34th Street was one of the movies that stuck in my mind so much it later influenced me (at least slightly) to move to NYC. When I was a kid, I used to keep my gum neatly in a box beside my bed for a while, like Maureen O’Hara.
    The Fountainhead–well, how could one overlook it? Ayn Rand–mmm. Talk about a fanatical narcissistic point of view……
    Still a great movie, though. Sweeping, like Citizen Cane.
    I’ve never seen Gilda. Thumbing my nose at PC protocol here, I’ve got to comment on women’s anatomy for a moment. I find it interesting that for many decades (at least in the US, or at least in the movies) up until the 50s or so, a huge rack was not important, seemingly, for movie stars or women in general.
    Then somewhere in the 50s the Marilyns and Mansfields and Russells became more and more popular. There WAS Mae West who was earlier, but she seemed to be an anomaly compared to the usual “normal sized” ladies.
    The increasing (or reminded; it’s not like it wasn’t there all along, lol) sentiment (no pun intended) and popularity for the growing bosoms reminds me of the Heavy Metal movie. The animators admitted later that as they were illustrating the female bodies, they kept making the breasts bigger and bigger as they went along. If you’ve ever seen it, it’s quite noticeable.
    Seems like that happened in real life too, lol

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  6. Your commentary, as usual Stacey, is five star and completely on-point.
    Glad you elaborated on the observations about female breast size in movies over the decades – that made for interesting reading. I know I wouldn’t have been able to get away with penning it so I’m glad someone has.

    That’s a loveable anecdote you included as well about keeping your gum in a box like the little girl in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET.

    Happy also you acknowledged THE FOUNTAINHEAD. There’s so much to like in that movie, in my opinion.

    Regarding this clip, let’s just say life as a ‘visionary’ isn’t all rainbows, butterflies and smooth sailing –

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  7. Great clip. I wish MY future employer had almost had a psychotic break while their emotions ping-ponged wildly because I was such a maverick caption editor thumbing my nose at convention and predictability that their heads almost exploded, lol !!!

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