Best Book Covers of 2019

Show me a person that DOESN’T judge a book by its cover and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t read books.

What’s meant by that old axiom about book covers is don’t judge a book solely by its cover. But what fun and exquisite eye-candy those covers can sometimes be!

All but two of the books featured here were first published sometime during the course of 2019. Korean writer Un-Su Kim and American born author Nisha Sharma’s books, both published prior to 2019, were re-released this year with updated covers.

I can’t vouch for the content and story of a single one of these books ’cause I haven’t read them but oh my, do I like their skins!

January – Korean writer Un-Su Kim’s novel was originally published in 2010. It got a killer new face for the hardcover release this year.
January – Intriguing and eye-catching to its core.
February – Slurp on this!
March –
COLOR contrast + simplicity wins the day.
April – Portals anyone?
May – Nothing, absolutely nothing, can hold a candle to this cover.
Both stunners. The covers, that is.
May – Say hello to pre-school art. It is a children’s book after all.
May – Floral anyone?
June – A collection of short stories that features a puppet-like George Washington figure on the cover? Well, yes…
July – This one must surely be considered on the cutting edge of design.
August – Originally published in 2018 but released with a new cover this year. I do like my pop art.
September – Is It the cover or is it the title? it’s both!
I may not read his novels but King does put out a very fine cover every now and then.
October – Nothing like a retro 1950’s style cover to revive ones senses.
November –
WITCHY. And blue!
December – Letters form letters form a word.
December – The art of the half face.
DECEMBER – The angle the car’s titled on suggests mystery and something out of the ordinary. Either that or maybe there’s just 10 000kg of Cast gold Bullion bars in the trunk that’s slid to one side.
December – Blue anyone?

Ps. You want more 2019 literary lookback? Be my guest HERE.

5 thoughts on “Best Book Covers of 2019

  1. My favs: Nothing to see here & Regretting you.
    Covers are SO important in catching the eye. I think I would stop and read the blurbs on at least half of these.

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  2. Thanks for nominating your two favorites Stacey.
    I feel the same way that a good cover will ‘next step’ me to reading the back cover blurb which may ‘next step’ me to reading a sample paragraph from a randomly selected page which in turn may ‘next step’ me to checking if my local library stocks the book for free rather than paying the purchase price at my local book store. God I’m such a cheapskate!

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  3. From sight love its born, even if it ends on disappointment, I read many books, and I look at everything in a book before buying it, first the subject has to interest me, then how well its written, and if the book has some eye, or candy appeal, like a nice image, special paper nice to the touch, even paperbacks, some are nicer than other ones, some, the paper reminds me at the old days when many grocers will use cheap paper to wrap up merchandise, yes I am that old, yes image its important, but still I will buy something that looks awful, if the content its good. 🙂

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