100 Reasons to Celebrate


I may not feel a day over 52 but the unvarnished truth is… today I’m celebrating my 100th birthday.

Or as I should say, SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK is  kicking up its heels on the occasion of publishing its 100th post.

And they said it wouldn’t last!

As regular readers of this blog would know, Centenary occasions around here are usually marked with the arrival of a congratulatory letter from one of this blog’s foremost admirers, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Sadly, this time around, no such letter arrived. In its place was an email that landed in my inbox in the early hours of this morning from the next best thing – His Royal Highness Prince Charles Duke of Cornwall, Earl of CarrickBaron of Renfrew and Lord of the Isles (to give him his full due).


Dear Glenald,

Firstly, allow me to pass on sincerest apologies from my mother Elizabeth who at this time has found herself predisposed with other royal duties at Harrods Kensington. She sends her heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of your 100th published post and has petitioned me to contact you on her behalf.

If memory serves me correctly (which these days I confess sometimes it does not) my first experience with the SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK occurred sometime last year while we were warming the royal footsies by the Swarovski crystal fireplace at Balmoral.

I recall that former young rascal now respectably married son of mine Harry was laughing in the most undignified fashion. I was about to chastise him (it matters not that he can pilot an AH-4 Hellfire missile-equipped Apache helicopter – I would take him over my knee today just as soon as I did when he was a wee lad) when he showed me on his mobile phone the cause of his merriment.

It was your post last year entitled “How Old is Too Old to Wear a Band T-Shirt?” Against my better judgement I momentarily came to share Harry’s view that this was indeed a real knee-slapper. I have found myself a loyal reader of your weekly antics ever since.

I have stared in amazement at reports of icecream handbags, chuckled at the prank played on Oxley Golf Course and cheered your battles against the likes of ParkRun noisemakers and sliding vanilla slice standards.

Having celebrated my 70th birthday back in May, age has granted me the certainty to know and recognise quality shenanigans when I see them. SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK has and is that quality.

May your little literary venture prosper for many years to come and endure like the rare metal tungsten. ‘An odd thing to say’ I hear you remark. Certainly, yet you may have read that is my term of endearment (nickname) for my daughter in law Meghan Markle. She loves it and now I hope you do too.

Cherrio and yours ever,

Prince Charles

Duke of Cornwall

P.s Do you partake of jam-on-top cream teas down there in Australia land? If yes, please go ahead and shout yourself one on my behalf. This is your day!


Ps. Don’t know what the royal family uses to keep their books lined up straight but they’re welcome to take my lead and order a couple of these quirk-enhanced little book- end fandangos –


Pss. As well as his congratulatory email, Prince Charles was good enough to forward me some bonus royal wedding footage. Most thoughtful of him I’m sure you’d agree…

Psss. 2018 will play host to a second royal wedding when Princess Eugenie ties the knot with fiance Jack Brookshank (former manager of the popular London nightclub Mahiki)  on October 12 in the same venue as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s ceremony back in May. 

Word is Princess Eugenie is planning to enforce a strict ‘no plastic’ rule at her nuptials. That’s fine ’cause most people wouldn’t have her pegged as a plastic cups, knives ‘n forks gal anyway.


Why did I pair a picture of the Royal Genie with a character from the retro television series LOST IN SPACE ? The plain-for-all-to-see headwear match of course!

15 thoughts on “100 Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Thankyou Shannon.
    I’m expecting the party in my head to rage at least until midnight possibly later.
    It would be nice to think Scott Morrison might also send his well wishes but I know he has a lot of things on his plate at present so, though it would be nice, I’m not particuarly holding out for that one.


    • Thankyou Joanne.
      I’m guessing the highlight for you was maybe clicking on that wedding video and seeing the Prince Harry look-a-like waltz down the red carpet doing his ridiculous Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive moves?


  2. Thankyou.
    I know that Scott Morrison is too busy but would it be too much to expect a ‘well done’ from the likes of Julie Bishop or Peter Dutton?

    Alright yes, that would be expecting too much.


  3. Congratulations and warm wishes! Glad you did not get Lost in Space, and have continued on to receive a glowing report from HRH. Still waiting to read your first novel!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. First novel?

    Besides considering writing to novel length a form of self-abuse which I have no doubt would completely strip any last morsel of fun from the process of sentence sculpting I might currently enjoy, I have enough respect for the breathtaking power of words to never inflict an 80 – 100 thousand word story of my creation on any hapless reader – and that goes for my own mother, wife, daughter and BFF!

    But thankyou anyway Kim for taking the time to send some positive vibe-candy my way.


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