First Quiz of 2018

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Of the 67 posts published on SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK last year the one which received by far and away the most number of views was a quiz.

Here’s hoping lightning strikes twice.

The thirteen year old girl in the black and white picture above grew up to become listed by Guinness World Records as the bestselling novelist of all time.

Agatha Christie was best known for her 66 detective novels but also published 14 short story collections and wrote the world’s longest running, most watched play THE MOUSETRAP. She also penned six published romances using the pseudonym Mary Westmacott.

So how well do you think you know her books?

Here’s the set-up: Imagine Agatha is travelling on a train with ten of her most famous mysteries. However, ONE of them is an imposter! Can you identify the fake mystery title before it kills everyone on board?

all (use)

Soon you shall all be summoned  to the drawing-room (located at the bottom of this post) where all will be revealed and the imposter shall be unmasked. Until then, if you consider yourself in any way a budding Hercule Poirot or fledging Miss Marple, by all means go ahead and point an accusatory finger at the title you consider is the ring-in.

Ps. Here’s a link to the official Agatha Christie website if any of this may have sparked an interest in finding out more about her life or works. If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage you can also sign up to an Agatha Christie monthly newsletter if you wish.




PSS. Following last year’s remake of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS comes news that 20th Century Fox studios are planning a remake of another Christie classic, DEATH ON THE NILE. The original version, filmed in 1978 and featuring a cast to die for (pun intended) – including the likes of Peter Ustinov (Detective Hercule Poirot) – Angela LansburyBette Davis Mia Farrow Maggie SmithOlivia HusseyJane BirkinDavid NivenGeorge KennedyJon Finch – and Jack Warden – is one of my all-time favourite films so I’m naturally skeptical about what any remake could offer in terms of a fresh retelling of the story. We shall see… and no doubt, we shall judge.

PSSS.  Your bonus pic –


Whodunnit? Agatha dunnit! This is back in the day when riding waves was the privilege of only a few. The only mystery is – is that an old, old school surfboard she’s holding or a plank of wood?

PSSSS. Not sure what Agatha‘s take on this would have been but the following link is to a collection of amusing (hilarious to me) short descriptions posted to Twitter when a Podcast hoster named Whit Reynolds asked her followers to describe themselves how they imagined a bad (meaning hackneyed) male author would see them. 

 PREPARE TO (very possibly) LOL HERE

PSSSSS. The imposter amongst the Agatha Christie book titles is FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT which was a collection of four novellas written by Stephen King and published in 1990.

6 thoughts on “First Quiz of 2018

  1. Glen, I’m an Agatha Christie fan but I did not guess the Stephen King ring in. Audience participation is definitely an added interest for followers of the blog.

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  2. I laughed out loud at your emblem down the bottom of the page – ‘way less than ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS’ 😂😂😂

    Cracked me up.

    Got to go wipe a butt now. Keep up the good work!

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  3. 180 followers is definitely WAY LESS than ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS so it’s clear SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK holds honesty and transparency as two of its – to borrow a term from last week – ‘core values’.
    Thankyou Shannon for observing and commenting on the integrous (is that even a word?) nature of my core.

    And your fabulous sign off shows, like all great managers, you always have one eye on the bottom line.


  4. I never know if anyone clicks on links inserted into posts.
    Thanks Widdi for checking it out.
    I too thought descriptions like –
    “Her breasts were like two scoops of vanilla icecream atop of her chest. She had a face too, he thought, but it kept speaking” were amusing.


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