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Go straight to the head of the class if you’ve ever noticed this blog has a slogan.


Now that Season 2 of Scenic Writer’s Shack is underway, I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time for a little nip’n tuck in the tagline department?

Someone once observed (someone whose middle name was most likely ‘Marketing’) life isn’t about finding yourself – it’s about creating yourself. With that thought in mind I’m wondering if “Words. Wares. Woomph.” still carries the same woomph it did a year ago.

The issue came up at the inugural performance review meeting that Scenic Writer’s Shack was the focus of  last week. The suggestion was made that the slightly ‘Homemaker-ish’ sounding tagline that presently greets readers might be better replaced with something a little more dynamic and alive that didn’t sound so much like an unintended homage to Ikea or Costco (take your pick).

SkyHere’s a list of 50 new ones my usually asleep-at-the-wheel marketing department came up with. They’ve asked if I’d  test-audience them here now for the purpose of coming up with some type of shortlist to be put to the board of directors next month. While it’s  obvious some of these were conceived towards the end of the day possibly after injesting  magic mushrooms of one variety or another, there’s a few I reckon that might just have the right amount of X Factor or as they say in French ‘jene sais quoi’ to get them over the line.

Here they are, in no particular order –

Pulsating Word Ectoplasm

Weird, But Weird Is All I’ve Got

The Artist’s Urge

The Artist’s Purge

The Only Blog With No Vampires

Strong As An Ox And Twice As Hairy

A Fierce Dissapointment

Are You Even Listening To Me?

You’ve Been A Brilliant Audience

I Hate Novels

I Hate Reading Novels

Angles That Never Add Up

From The Hood

Bonkers! Bonkers! Bonkers!

Made With The Scent of Juniper And Witch Hazel

Proper Huge

Proper Mini Huge

So Stupid It’s A Pleasure to Be With

I Know Nothing About Sri Lanka

Everything’s Premier But The Price

Shelve That Idea

You Wouldn’t Take Driving Lessons From A Blind Fellow Would You?

No Hand-Eye Coordination Needed

If You Like Beyonce You Might Like Pink


What A Funny Place Man!

Better Than Iron Man 2

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Daddy Donaldson’s Dulcet Dungeon

Daddy Donaldson’s Dolby-Surround-Sound-Equipped Dungeon

More Uplifting Than The Great Potato Recession Of The 1840’s

You Don’t Need To Audition To Get In

Pleasure Swollen Guaranteed

My Own Personal Ring Tone

Quite Mental

Go Get ‘Em Tiger!

Captain Highhorse

The Chronicles of Captain Highhorse

Better Than Sugar Free Breath Mints

Easy To Wind Up

Easier To Wind Up Than A Toy Soldier

Normally Peculiar

Ridiculous For Ridiculous Sake

Better Than The Shopkins Movie


Take It or Leave It

Not Wearing Cologne

A Gardener Of Erratic Brilliance – A Blogger Of Even More Erratic Brilliance

100% Pineapple Wedge Free

Thinking ‘Here Goes Nothing’ Could Be The Start Of Everything

Standing Ovation   Normal Ovation

Tastier than Oily  H’ors Devoures

First Draft Only Draft

If This Blog Was A Toy It Would Be A Fidget Spinner

90% Bogan 10% Class

Show Tell Eat Sleep Pray Love


If you’re done with the non-stop head-scratching that a number of those slogans no doubt induced, pick a favourite (or two) and let me know in the comments box below. In the absence of any guidance on the matter, and since there were actually 52 and not 50, as stated, I’ll have little choice but to opt for the non-static revolving sign system and choose a different slogan each week across this year from among the lot listed here.

And that could likely end up quite absurd.

Any one of these could be the game changer that helps propel Scenic Writer’s Shack to the top of the blog A-list (‘A’ stands for asinine) but I just need to know which one.

So please, go ahead and advise me!


Ps. Not trying to influence anyone’s decision-making but just FYI – my seven year old daughter (she’s on my Board of Advisors so it’s right I listen) informed me her top three choices for a new slogan are –

Standing Ovation   Normal Ovation 

Show Tell Eat Sleep Pray Love

The Artist’s Urge

PPs. Unearth this week’s bonus read    HERE









30 thoughts on “Tag Me!

  1. No Glen, I never had noticed the slogan. (I read it on my phone – that print’s too little!)
    My faves of the bunch (so hard to choose!) are
    Made With The Scent of Juniper And Witch Hazel
    No Hand-Eye Coordination Needed



    • If that one ‘speaks’ to you Sharyn, then it is I who must listen.
      STRONG AS.. has got alpha male written all over it so if the Board wants to go in that direction then that slogan’s definitely got a chance to wedge it’s broad, tanned shoulders right through the door with swagger.


  2. Thankyou Anne for that brilliant feedback.
    MADE WITH THE SCENT OF… does have a kind of bewitching ring to it I agree.
    As for NO HAND-EYE COORDINATION NEEDED, that is the literal truth so I’m taking that as a given to hopefully bolster the mass appeal of this blog.


  3. Normally Peculiar #1
    100% Pineapple Wedge Free #2
    These are my votes however I’d be won over by anything the board of advisors advise especially a 7 year old’s opinion 🤗.

    Pops and his fellow corporal were quite sudden in their decision it was wrong …..but were the grandchildren upset that their chance to be billionaires didn’t eventuate?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve gone for two rip-roaring, eye-catching beauts there Michelle, I reckon.
      Thankyou for also clicking on the BONUS READ. As mentioned before, I am always (pleasantly) surprised when I discover someone has actually done that.

      As to the grandkids lamenting their lost chance to inherit wealth had Pops and the fellow corporal kept the stash (in the bonus read story UNEARTHED) that’s the beauty and innocence of childhood right there isn’t it. The little tykes’ brains would never allow them to think that far ahead!


  4. My picks …
    Weird, But Weird Is All I’ve Got – favourite 🙂
    Normally Peculiar – possibly also favourite.
    A Gardener Of Erratic Brilliance – A Blogger Of Even More Erratic Brilliance
    If This Blog Was A Toy It Would Be A Fidget Spinner

    … and because the fluro yellow was so hard to read I thought this one (Standing Ovation Normal Ovation) said ‘ovulation’ … which could be interesting too! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I do like to get on my trusty highhorse now and again and ride it for all it’s worth.
    I’m also not averse to taking a superior tone.
    And, habitual hyprocrite that I am, have also been known to conveniently adopt the moral high ground when it suits me.
    So all ’round, THE CHRONICLES OF CAPTAIN HIGHHORSE may not be such a bad fit – and I think you’ve called it as such!


  6. I never missed your slogan Glen, but what would you expect from an Engineer? You pay me to notice the details – don’t you?

    I’d be sorry to lose the current slogan, but if you promised to bring it back on a steady rotation annual cycle I could be persuaded to accept a new one.

    I couldn’t help notice the quality of the options seemed to deteriorate as the list progressed, which is normal I guess, depending on the quality of what you smoke? 🙂

    I would pick “Je ne sais quoi.” as my top pick, even if it wasn’t in the list. The Artist’s Purge is quite evocative too. It is also hard to say out loud in a hurry. If you can get someone to trip over the ” ‘s ” it might get them to hang around a bit longer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How ‘inside the box’ for you to think ‘outside the box’ Roger and pick a slogan not on the actual list – JE NE SAIS QUOI.

      I’m so glad also someone has finally tugged at my heartstrings, amidst all the excitement of picking something new, and expressed sadness at the mere mention that the old slogan may be thrown on the ideas scrapheap and replaced with a newer, younger model.

      That’s what I call true brand loyalty.
      Thank you Rog.


  7. I did notice the slogan and liked it – if you must change I’d choose


    I look forward to the final choice.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I must confess Kim ruminating is one of my favourite things to do, but is it that obvious?

    Slightly annoying Captain Pedantic has advised me that THE CHRONICLES OF CAPTAIN DONALDSON was not actually on the list to choose from. However I could definitely get used to the sound of that so thank you Kim.

    TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT makes realistic expectations clear, in a no-nonsense way, from the start so for that reason alone I like it too.


  9. So many great choices, Glen! My three favourites are:
    Weird, but weird is all I’ve got
    No hand-eye coordination needed
    Normal Ovation
    I would try and rank them 1, 2 and 3 but with school going back tomorrow my brain is full!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. You’ve Been A Brilliant Audience (Love the assumption.)
    More Uplifting Than The Great Potato Recession Of The 1840’s (I would be curious what could possibly be more uplifting!)
    My Own Personal Ring Tone (Only I could hear it?)
    Normally Peculiar (Yes, I am.)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m a couple of weeks late reading this, so you’ve probably already made your decision. For what it’s worth, my choice is Weird, But Weird Is All I’ve Got.

    I did notice that this blog post had a slogan, but I have no idea if earlier ones also did.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ‘Weird but weird is all I’ve got’ does seem grab the eye, but I like ‘A fierce disappointment’, ‘Angles that never add up’ and the potato famine one might just be genius. Went through a tagline reappraisal on my own blog many moons ago. Apparently my original ‘The irrelevant and irreverent ramblings of a man who has nothing to say but is going to say it anyway’ was considered too long by the greater blogosphere and also a lot of people didn’t know the word ‘irreverent’ and thought I’d just repeated irrelevant and made a typo. In the end I changed it to something shorter and with words people recognised but I sometimes wonder if I bowed too easily to peer pressure…

    Liked by 1 person

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