New York New York


He’s something else that Arnie isn’t he?

Coming on all dramatic like that.

But having him as my campaign manager in a contest decided by popular vote has its up side.

Here’s what’s happening.

I maybe, with extra heavy emphasis on the maybe, about to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame.

No, I’m not going on THE VOICE, so that idea can be put to the samurai sword straight away. Although I have watched with interest two fellow Queensland school teachers give it a whirl on the current Seal – Boy George – Kelly Rowland – Delta season.

My turn in the spotlight is way less show biz than that but no less exciting (for me). It’s all about an entry I sent in for the New Yorker Caption Competition. An entry that has been announced as one of the three finalists.

For anyone without a real knowledge and interest in such things that is hardly a thunder-clap announcement. For someone with knowledge and interest in such things that is most definitely a back-slaps-all-round, buttered crumpet slice of news.

The New Yorker Caption Contest runs weekly on-line and is open to anyone aged thirteen or over. It attracts in excess of 5000 entries per week from countries across the globe and is therefore notoriously difficult to win. Renown American film critic Roger Ebert (1942 – 2013) famously won after no less than 107 attempts.

This week’s contest cartoon is pictured below, along with the three finalists – one from California, one from Texas and one mine.


  • “And where was the outrage over Alan’s standing desk?”
  • “Like I’m the first person who’s tried sleeping their way to the top.”
  • “Don’t just stand there. Tuck me in.”

I won’t tell you which is mine.

It’s more fun that way.

What I will say, being a realist, is that in my opinion my entry is not the funniest and therefore doesn’t deserve to win. Which will not, in any way, stop me from hoping it does.

If I do win, (announced next week) expect to have to put up with me spending the next couple of posts positively wallowing in it and talking up how great it is to stand in the winners corner, breathe in the exalted, sweet-smelling air of success etc.

If I don’t win, guaranteed you’ll never hear me mention it again.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to cast your vote for one of the three finalists –

Vote here


10 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. Congrats Glen on being a finalist, but I still think that you should tell me which one is your caption, so I can vote for it!! With two of the finalists and the contest being American, it’d be nice if you could TRUMP them both and win (my attempt at being funny).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is soooo exciting to have made it as a finalist out of all those entries!
    Congratulations Glen!
    But I’d also like a hint on which is yours so I can cast my vote!

    😉 Happy Saturday!

    Liked by 1 person

      • In that case, Arnie’s sacked and I’m appointing you as my new campaign manager.
        Are you ready to put in 12 hour working days for the cause?

        My mistake.
        You’re already doing that.


  3. Thrilled to hear of your exploits in the Big Apple Glen.

    With my late arrival on this current scene, I assume you didn’t win, but think of the accolade you are getting from this wee corner of the virtual globe.

    Top 3 ain’t bad.

    Liked by 1 person

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