Shining Examples

Trick or treat? Here’s a little of both…

The iconic 1980 movie THE SHINING, as well as the appeal of board games are two subjects that have both been previously explored here on the pages of SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK. This time ’round we get to take a look at both at the same time.

Anything of remote significance that happened back in the year 1980 is now commemorating it’s 40th anniversary. That includes the Stanley Kubrick directed master piece of horror THE SHINING starring Jack Nicholson. Naturally there has been a re-issue of the film to coincide with this anniversary, complete with all the requisite extras –

Last year saw the release of what was touted as a sequel to the original film. DR SLEEP, based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel, starred Ewan McGregor and was met with mixed reviews.

Now there’s a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle –

and THE SHINING boardgame. For those who can tolerate overly long ‘unboxing’ videos, the one below unpacks literally everything about this game in minute detail –

In THE SHINING: ESCAPE FROM THE OVERLOOK HOTEL, players assume the roles of Wendy and Danny Torrance as they search for a way out of the hotel.

To escape, players have to contend with puzzles and obstacles along the way, including Jack Torrance, the ax-wielding antagonist immortalized by Jack Nicholson in the 1980 film. By using the psychic ability to “shine” players can unlock clues and solve puzzles that bring them closer to the exit.

The new game is part of the Coded Chronicles game line, and because the objective is to beat the game instead of each other, there’s no limit on how many (or how few) people can play. A full game is estimated to take two hours or more to complete, and this version is recommended for players 17 and older.

On this particular anniversary the story of a struggling writer and his family self-isolating for a winter of productivity only to slowly descend into a murderous nightmare feels especially haunting. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere have been forced to cope with the mental and physical consequences of solitude. 

With the monotonous sameness of our 2020 daily rituals insidiously driving us all collectively up the four walls, we can spare a thought for the type of next-level cabin fever laid bare in this all-powerful, almighty cinema classic.

Ps. What’s that? You want a bonus read? Ok, if you insist

Pss. And because it’s Halloween, there’s this…

5 thoughts on “Shining Examples

  1. Wow, I had no idea so much “stuff” had come out of The Shining. I can’t even imagine playing a game where I’m trying to escape from the hotel. Uggghhh. But the puzzle looks fun. I have not worked a puzzle for at least 20 years.
    We saw Dr. Sleep mainly because of McGregor, whom we adore. For me, there were a few good moments but I mostly yawned my way through it. Disappointing.
    That is the funniest, truly brilliant cartoon up there with the twins from Shining as COVID and the FLU. “Come play with us,” indeed! Now, THAT’S terrifying, lol !!! I’m not laughing at people who are sick. I’m laughing in horror.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand totally.
    Collecting stuff is fun but there’s always the possibility that some years down the track you look at the same valuable items that at one time you might have practically sold your soul to get and think – “Now, this is just taking up room”.


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