Celebrating my 100th!

queen 2

A letter arrived.

Not your everyday run-of-the-mill-hand-it-straight-to-my-seven-year-old-daughter-on-the-way-to-the-bin type of letter but rather one from the right-royal-looking-lady- wearing-the-old-school-brooch-in-the-photograph type of letter.

I’ve been literally counting the days until I could share it with you so let me not delay a moment longer –

Dear Mr Donaldson,

It is my great joy and privilege to offer you congratulations upon the occasion of your blog SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK (the ‘Scenic’ part comes to mind whenever I look out upon the Palace gardens and to a far lesser extent the servants quarters at Balmoral castle) attracting its 100th follower.

While I shan’t necessarily be pressing the follow button myself  anytime soon, I have recommended it to the young princes William and Harry, who may be a little more predisposed to its content than I. Let us wait and see if anything eventuates for you in that area in the future.

From myself and everyone here in the lap of luxury at the Palace, we wish you the sincerest of felicitations and look forward to congratulating you again at the time of you recording your 200th follower – which my staff inform me, based on your present rate of membership takeup, is calculated to be by the latest April 2021.

A toast to SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK and you, Mr Donaldson.

My very best and very truly yours,

Queen Elizabeth II


One for the trophy room, I think you’d agree.

Though I have to admit I don’t know which surprised me more – to actually receive the letter in the first place or the fact that Buckingham Palace missed such a glaring typo as that ‘in the lap of luxury’ clanger. Makes you wonder what qualifications you need to be a royal proofreader these days.

Still, with an estimated 300 million blogs posting their words up on the all-singing all- dancing blogosphere, it’s not everyone that can lay claim to having reached the milestone of 100 followers is it?  299 999 999 of them maybe, but not all! I’m therefore shamelessly taking this moment to don the party hat and streamers and celebrate the occasion.


In the midst of all the celebration though I do spare a thought for those poor soul bloggers with the 9 and 10k size followings. They must have wallpapered every wall and ceiling of every room of their house ten times over by now with all those letters from Her Majesty.

As her Royal Highness herself might say, “Poor dears”.

queen r

PS. Quote of the week goes to British writer Kozuo Ishiguro (author of seven novels, including his most famous REMAINS OF THE DAY (1989), who, upon being awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature remarked that he was ‘flabbergastingly flattered‘.

PPS. The movie BLADERUNNER 2049 opened in Brisbane yesterday. A penny for the thoughts of anyone who’s seen it or is intending on seeing it.

See the trailer here

PPPS. Back in 1986 I attended a Bob Dylan (last year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature) concert in Brisbane at the old Lang Park (now Suncorp Stadium). It was part of Dylan’s TRUE CONFESSIONS tour. Also on the bill was American singer/songwriter icon Tom Petty and his band The Heartbreakers.

Remember him here

16 thoughts on “Celebrating my 100th!

  1. In a somewhat elegant act of symmetry, that shameless brag from me about the letter from the Queen also happened to be the 50th post from SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK.

    So it’s milestones all ’round!


  2. Congrats Glen. I think it’s nice that you actually received a letter instead of something electronic. I’ve heard that world leaders, namely presidents, are choosing to use twitter to communicate information these days. A letter is better than a tweet. Don’t you agree?

    Also, I know you’re into some trivia, so here’s a question for you. Which famous singer played drums for Tom Petty on SNL and was eventually asked to join the band? Hint: was previously the drummer in a famous grunge band that disbanded after the singer died.

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  3. I asked my seven year old daughter for the answer and without a moment’s hesitation she’s blurted out “Steve Ferrone – I thought everyone knew that!” Yeah, she’s already developed what you might call a smart mouth.

    I’ve been wracking my brains for some time now trying to work out where along the human genome she picked that trait up from. My wife tells me to just look in the mirror. I try to avoid doing that on most days anyway so it’s still a mystery. I think Lia (my daughter) also said something about Steve Ferrone playing drums on Stevie Nicks’s TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA album back in 2001, but by then she was just showing off so I’d stopped fully listening.


  4. Never rely on a seven-year-old for rock quiz knowledge!

    As to your comment about the old fashioned niceness of receiving congratulations via written letter form – you are so right. I’m still waiting to hear from THE DONALD, but if that pat on the back ever comes I’m definitely expecting it in the form of a tweet!


    • It’s not a very popular idea here in Canada either .. most people weren’t even born when her Nibs ascended the throne. Perhaps after she heads off to the ‘Palace on the Other Side’, things might change. 🙂

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  5. It took me a good ten seconds, but now I’m with you.
    I’d take kudos from whatever quarter they came.
    Political persuasion? I’m not fussed in the least!
    BTW, do you reckon any of those sons know where to go to get a good spray tan?
    Just asking..

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  6. May I be the next in line to congratulate you Glen. Yes, I may be a bit late, but you do understand I hate joining a queue until one has formed. I can only but speculate on where all this greatness is taking you. 🙂

    P.S. My brother, back in 1980, gave me 2 tickets to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. Good thing I lived there at the time as I did indeed see the man. I think it was my first live concert – no, I am in error, as I did see Thin Lizzy at The Festival of Sydney outside the Opera House back in about 1976, or so. Now that was a concert!

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  7. People waiting in line to congratulate me?
    Doesn’t get any better than that!

    Given that Thin Lizzy formed back in 1969, do you think they might be a little more ‘Middle Age Girth Lizzy’ these days? My understanding is that though their days of regular touring are long over they still get together to perform one-off Festival shows.

    Bunch of troupers that lot and, after U2, the most successful band ever to come out of Dublin, Ireland.


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