Nah, don’t really have a shop.

Not one where actual money changes hands at least.

Closest I ever came was back in the 5th grade when the parents of a good friend named Bryon owned a corner store. Bryon used to keep us all supplied in bottles of coke and packets of tic tacs. No wonder that shop went belly up a few years later.

If I did have a shop I’d like to think the quality pieces of apparel pictured below might literally go flying off the shelves..

Capture 3



Not your thing you say?

Can’t see yourself getting about town in one of these?

Not even around the house?

Then how’s ’bout trying one of these on for size instead –

Followers T-Shirt


If books rather than apparel are a little more your style, then SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK has definitely got you covered in that department as well. An absorbing tale from our original series may appeal –

classic shack

or maybe a title from our ‘bricks ‘n mortar’ quadrilogy –


Made your selection and ready to order?

First, drop it into your cart then proceed to checkout.



Checkout these checkouts!  Who would have thought I would go to all this trouble just to sell a couple of t-shirts and soft cover books, right? If you’re superstitious or even just a little bit stitious however, don’t go near the first lane on the left.