Non-Scenic Writer’s Shack


The Taj Mahal it’s not.

And something tells me the owner may be more of a reader than a writer.

But here it sits.

In the anti-matter world (shadowy dimension of the parallel universe, to be clear) everything and everybody has an opposite.

Naturally that includes SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK.

Mind, the view from these modest shanty quarters would be quite literally to die for.. particularly if you showed the poor judgement of rolling over in your sleep.

Do you think he locks the door when he leaves?

The pics below however display not a pretender for the real SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK crown but a humble abode set within majestic countryside that rightly deserves the SWS label. Catch the scent of this –


Try holding this scene in the bowl of your mind for 15 seconds and see what it does for your endrocrine system (‘Endocrine’ – a three syllable word you definitely won’t find in any Vin Diesel film.)


Where exactly is this? If you’re sure you want to extinguish forever the breath of mystery vacuum-packed into this photo…Ā  read on. Where else would the REAL Scenic Writer’s Shack stand but in a region of South East Queensland, Australia known fittingly as THE SCENIC RIM. Specifically this property, which is a lavendar farm known as Kooroomba, is located on Fm Bells Road about ten minutes drive from the township of Boonah.