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You want the full high res, ultra-high definition experience right?

You want life served up on a silver platter?

You want A-lister access and you want it now?

When you sign up for the SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK Platinum Subscriber’s Package you get all this and more.

Benefits include –

  • finger print scanner log in
  • ability to unlock and see the normally invisible holograms embedded within each weekly post
  • view in 3D
  • navigate in VR (Virtual Reality) mode
  • faster site speed
  • access hidden sub-menus
  • a complimentary signed, first-edition of SWS‘s memoirs (when completed)
  • a personal limerick written about you and delivered to your inbox
  • generous discounts on all apparel and books from the SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK shop   


  • complimentary SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK sample bag containing –Capture 3Capture3Capture 3
  • membership card written in invisible ink readable only under UV lightCapture
  • cheat codes and answers to any quiz run on the site
  • a copy of the SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK mix tape containing all the favourite tunes of the site as listed HERE
  • loyalty card & the ability to accrue and redeem points based on number of views, likes and comments
  • Capture
  • unlimited usage of SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK home ping-pong table
  • high fives galore

A Platinum Subscriber’s GO PREMIUM! Package is invitation only.

If your computer has been able to recognise and display the GO PREMIUM! tab on the home page menu, congratulations! That means you’ve already passed the first stage of the screening process for entry.

To fully qualify you will need the endorsement of two current members who propose you.

Upon admission members agree to abide by the Platinum Subscriber’s GO PREMIUM! Code of Conduct and Rules for Viewing which include a blanket ban on the wearing of denim while on SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead today and start organising your application.

You’ll be on your way to opening the doors to an alternate world of blue ribbon VIP content and privelage.

Well-poured literary cocktails and a view like no other will be yours for the enjoying.

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GO PREMIUM! Where everything’s premium except the price.