Rogues Gallery more like it.

Though please carry on.

Curiosity got you here.


And as the wise one once spoke – “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”


You want profound? I give you profound! “Fiction is the microscope of truth.” My homage to BIG BANG THEORY (and science in general!)


At the Academy they taught me how to wear over-sized sunglasses and say in a reassuring tone: “Writers! Have you met your word targets?”


Is there anything more Aussie than the FJ Holden? Besides kangaroos, the ANZACS, Uluru and vegemite I can’t think of anything. Ok, possibly eating watermelon at the beach while swatting flys away and listening to Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel or Midnight Oil on an iPod or the cricket on the radio but really… that’s about it. Actually there is the Opera House.


Here I am at the book signing launch of my autobiography WALTER MITTY AND ME.  Crowds turned up about 30 minutes after I left.


Another awkward moment from my time on the show (ha ha).


A half step to my right would have been good.

hot revised

This is what hot sand will make you do!

Kung Fu Panda

On location for filming of KUNG FU PANDA 5.


You have to admit I did try to warn you about the Rogues Gallery.

St George

Standing alongside a person who has more grey hairs then I is definitely a photo oppotunity not to be missed.  This intellectual idol of mine ‘matters’ – in both the traditional and classical physics senses of the word – a whole bunch to me.


My Icon shot. Smiles I don’t do. Showing teeth I don’t do either. Black t-shirts with white writing on – I do.


The person underneath the waterfall, rising from the depths like some creature from the Black Lagoon, could, for all you know, be anyone from Mick Jagger to the ghost of Ned Kelly. So you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that it’s me. Everyone should have this experience at least once in their life – and a cold shower in your own bathroom definitely doesn’t count!



Home run me – and I don’t even play baseball!


No wonder those flashbacks to ‘Nam seem so real. Me, a long time ago.. obviously. (Still no teeth)


Sheriff 2

Attitude problem? Yeah but it’s just a little one! On the bright side, at least the fashion police approved my elements t-shirt.


Ridiculous I know. Childish? In the extreme. Embarassing?  Hell yeah. But somebody had to welcome that ship ashore. This is the photo they tried to ban, or at least advise me not to show. Did I listen?



Teeth. Gnashing Teeth. Finally!


‘Give me the file on this guy. I wanna know who he is – what he does – where he grew up – who his associates are – habits – distinguishing marks –  history – how many ice-cubes he puts in his drinks – everything! What? Whaddaya mean I haven’t got that level of clearance?’

Money Shot 2

#Hashtag#   The Money Shot   (PS. What’s a hashtag?)


There was gonna be a further line underneath “Don’t mind” that read – “Will put up with” but that might have been underselling the whole idea just a tad much, agree?


I’ll admit I’ve always subscribed somewhat to the idea a person’s car is a mark of their status in society. You may even nod in agreement when I say the St. Patrick’s-day-green and silver two-tone positively scream ‘affluence’. As for the farmer’s hat? Just couldn’t help myself there either I’m afraid. Might as well have worn a sign around my neck that day saying ‘corporate banker’.


Three times the fun or triple the pain? Either way, despite the fact some folk have said they’re cute as a button, you probably didn’t need to see this shot again. Can we just label it ‘deliberate repetition for effect’ and split the diff?

vulcan sign

Time to admit I’ve never quite been able to pull off that Mr Spock finger sign thingy.


The tripod that keeps everything balanced and together. Bonus point if you can guess what’s in the jar behind (Hint: starts with the letter ‘P’ and they’re 100% edible).