Best Of

best of

Allow me to assure you from the outset, ain’t no worst of within 50 clicks of here.

On the submenus that follow is what hipsters might term ‘the good gear.’

Lists and more lists.

You wanted the best and you’ve got the best. (Acknowledgement to frontman Paul Stanley from Kiss for use of that line.)

Before we get on to the main act however, twenty bucks says you can’t name the next two lines from the Charles Dickens quote at the top of the page, taken from his 1859 novel A TALE OF TWO CITIES.


Was on the tip of your tongue but now its floated off somewhere?

I can give you more time if you like..

You sure?

Ok, you’ve twisted my arm.

Here we go..

‘It was the age of wisdom,

It was the age of foolishness.’

Yeah, that’s what you were gonna say if only I’d given you a moment longer, right?