Go Deeper

You sure you want to do this?

‘Cause there’s still time to back out.

And bear in mind once you lay eyes on this life minutiae, if that’s what you want to call it, there’s no way to unsee it.

Still keen?

Let the thumbnail sketch begin…

St ignatius

It might have looked like something from a gothic horror novel but on most days it was brimming with a 1970’s flavoured kind of magic.   (1972-1976)


We thought we were pretty cool dressed in our suits and ties. In winter we probably were. St.Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace 1977 -1983.


If you’re gonna attend a degree factory, why not go to one that was only eight years young at the  time and dropped smack bang in the middle of a semi-rural setting? (1984 -1987)  Bachelor of Arts – Major in Film & Media Studies (Sorry but what else would the major have been?)


Seeking wonder, awe and magic. This place delivered in spades.   Lived in Tokyo, Japan 2001 – 2003


Definitely got ‘taught’ a whole lot during my time here.  Bachelor of Education (Grad. Dip.) 2004 – 2005


First House (2007) – Forest Lake – Brisbane – Australia


Everyone wishes they lived on an island during at least one time of their life don’t they? Yorke Island, Torres Strait 2010 – 2011


It happened back in 2016. Not only is fifty the ultimate ‘F’ word but can I tell you – looking 50 is great!  (If you’re 60)



Second House (Life’s supposed to get better, right?!) – 2018 – Forest Lake – Brisbane – Australia

Does any of it really matter anymore?

The short answer is “No”.

The long answer’s “Yes and No”.