Seeing Triple (and more)

A veritable truckload of movies with identical names was unearthed recently HERE on SCENIC WRITER’S SHACK. There was unfinished business concerning this topic however, as more research uncovered yet more surprises.

Not only were there films with identical titles to each other but in some cases three or more movies with the same title and yet all with completely different actors, directors and unrelated story-lines. This just had to be laid forth – again.

We begin with a selection of triple-scoopers…

Salt & Straw food dessert icecream seattle GIF

Next, time to make way for the glorious four-scoopers

But wait! There’s more!

Alas, the name-alikes listed so far are but mere pretenders to the crown of ‘Most Duplicated Movie Title’ when placed next to the grand prize-winner, SAHARA. This is a film with, to date, no less than six members of the family tree all bearing the same name yet otherwise completely unconnected.

And before we leave the subject of same name movies altogether, here’s a few more identical-twin titles courtesy of readers who alerted me last time… after this oopsie, raspberry ripple double scoop ice-cream break…

P.s Want to know more about movie title duplication? Gosh! You are serious! Allright then… if you insist. Go HERE

9 thoughts on “Seeing Triple (and more)

  1. I understand basically all of the title duplicates EXCEPT Julia. That makes absolutely no sense.
    What’s with the name “Julia” that it’s so popular for a female character and, consequently, a title? Names are easily replaced. Wouldn’t you check before you got started to make sure other “Julias” hadn’t been snagged for a title first? Yeah, you don’t want to replace “Sahara” with “Big Desert” or “Frozen” with “-18 degrees C”. But “Julia”……….? Come on ! ! !

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  2. But wait Stacey, there’s more…

    JULIA was the name of a 1975 novel by American writer Peter Straub (he co-wrote THE TALISMAN with Stephen King). JULIA was later adapted into the 1977 film THE HAUNTING OF JULIA starring Mia Farrow.

    And let’s not forget the 23 (so far) MISS JULIA book series by North Carolina author Ann B. Ross. Apparently this book series is loved as far and wide as Germany, Japan and Poland. No less than Dolly Parton counts herself as a fan.

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  3. Omg, the ever-widening mystery of the unfathomable allure of the, in my opinion, very ordinary name Julia. Why Julia? Why not Charlotte or Angelica or Esmerelda or Seraphin or even Jules?
    The Haunting of Julia?!
    You only made it worse, Glen !! wtaf?

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